Our Roadmap

Two steps Toward...

Assemble and provide increased influence to the growing number of Americans who don't fully align with either political party.

Empower them to keep candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle focused on the issues getting lost in the partisan shuffle.  

...New Common Ground

USTomorrow’s pathway to success is pretty straightforward.

- Collect new data on the community impact of the issues today’s politics ignore.
- Identify common goals.
- Assemble, educate, and engage a new network of employers, economic developers, and policymakers and their constituents to reach them. 
That’s a new coalition focused on people, not politics.

Meet Our Partners

The Texas Association of Business is the State Chamber of Texas and leading voice of the Texas business community. TAB members bring deep insight to the impact of policy on communities and the relationships to develop effective outcomes at the state and regional levels. 

Participating TEDC members will receive tools and support to strengthen stakeholder relationships and deepen the understanding of local, regional, and statewide workforce readiness landscapes. They will be supported in mentoring UST’s community coalitions and lead the conversation in their communities and between and among other UST communities.

Polco will provide digital and civic participation infrastructure. They will build a unique digital commons to support solutions-based dialog, cross-partisan policy development, and new research.

NRC gives communities the data they need to make more informed decisions. NRC’s research reveals community perspectives that are representative, reliable, and ready to enact.

IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin provides guidance on the diverging economic realities of urban and rural communities and methodologies to bridge the gap. 

To ensure a constant focus on the future, the Annette Strauss Institute at the University of Texas at Austin provides guidance on civic engagement, education, and mentorship.

Thank you to our launch partners!