Our Roadmap

Our two step mission

Assemble and provide increased influence to the growing number of Americans who don't fully align with either political party.

Empower them to keep candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle focused on the issues getting lost in the partisan shuffle.  




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Building a New Center of Gravity

USTomorrow’s pilot success metric is pretty simple: After the 2020 election, seventeen members of the Texas delegation and their constituents will share a new commitment to work toward a cross-partisan solution on a non-wedge issue. In Texas, that’s an important new community skill and legislative center of gravity – focused on people, not politics – from which to build toward 2022.

Meet Our Partners

Polco will provide digital and civic participation infrastructure. They will build a unique digital commons to support solutions-based dialog, cross-partisan policy development, and new research.

GoodPolitics will assemble, expand, and support a network of Texans from all political and life perspectives in a series of events committed to people over partisan politics.

Honeycomb Creative will provide digital and social media support.

MOVE Texas will provide programming and guidance on voter engagement, education, and activation. 

Participating TEDC members will receive tools and support to strengthen stakeholder relationships and deepen the understanding of local, regional, and statewide workforce readiness landscapes. They will be supported in mentoring UST’s community coalitions and lead the conversation in their communities and between and among other UST communities.

Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life will provide programming and guidance on civic education and mentorship, connecting communities, campuses, and classrooms.

IC2 Institute, January Advisors, Knoema, and National Research Center will guide benchmark analysis, surveys, polling, and other relevant research to develop a deeper and holistic understanding of regional economic, political, and workforce readiness landscapes.

2020 Issue: Workforce Readiness

Texans want a strong economy that includes and benefits every American. We want workforce readiness strategies, job opportunities, and training that prepares us and our kids for a stable future and a happy life. The workforce readiness crisis transcends political boundaries and solutions necessarily include all community stakeholders and all communities: urban, rural, red, and blue. The issue hasn’t (yet) been co-opted by partisan interests to divide us. It’s the ideal pilot topic.