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A Message From Our Founder

Our politics are broken. 

Hyper-partisanship, wedge strategies, and a campaign industry that profits from both are driving citizens away from the process.

A growing number of Americans, of all political persuasions, believe that investing - their time, their money, their vote - in a broken system is just not working. That we need a fresh approach and new expectations of public service.

I couldn’t agree more.

Our broken political system must be mended to reflect the good will and perseverance of Americans. We must reconcile and decrease the remoteness of the American Dream. Introduce new infrastructure and foster innovation every step of the way. And we’ve got to mentor the entrepreneurs, creatives, and builders who will launch the next American Century.

To meet the challenge, I co-founded USTomorrow to educate and engage community coalitions working on the issues left behind by today’s divisive politics. 

And I need your help.

There’s plenty of room. We’re launching new programs in Texas right now and have our eye on communities coast to coast. 

This isn’t about flipping blue, turning red, or throwing bums out. It’s about supporting our democracy by strengthening the bridge between communities and candidates and reintroducing the skills that deliver respect, compromise, progress, and, perhaps most importantly, a higher expectation of public service to a new generation of Americans.

Together, we can establish a new mandate to deliver measurable progress on the issues facing our country, state, and communities.

So explore this website, reach out to learn more, sign up to learn of opportunities to make a difference in your community, and, by all means, join us!

Joseph Kopser

Our Team

Joseph Kopser

Co-Founder, Board Chair

Grover Bynum

Co-Founder, executive director

Andrew Cates

General counsel

Callie Kerbo

digital strategist

Our Motivators

Politics should be the final, not the first, step in fixing the problems we all see and share.

5 primary motivators help USTomorrow cut through the noise that too often puts progress in the back seat to politics.

Fix our broken politics.
Update our infrastructure.
Mainstream innovation.
Inspire the next generation of problem solvers.
Reconnect the American Dream

Together, we'll seek and find the common ground around the issues impacting your family, neighbors, and community.

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Get Involved with USTomorrow

There’s a role for you at USTomorrow!

One of our primary goals is to lower the barriers of entry for civic participation in your community. If you’re committed to people over party and progress over politics, then we’re committed to you.

USTomorrow is looking for board and regional advisory council members, partners for economic developers, mentors for students, and community influencers to lead by example.

We’re looking for YOU!

If you think you would be a good fit for one of these roles, please reach out to us!